Our Story

John and his friend and Cozy Harbor Seafood co-founder Joe Donovan got off the boats and started walking the wharfs by Cozy Harbor Seafood’s home in Portland, Maine, asking fishermen for their best catch, which they shipped to  wholesalers around the country.

We’ve grown since then. Our model hasn’t. More than 30 years later, Cozy Harbor Seafood still works the wharfs and local markets, asking Maine fishermen “what did you catch today?” We are now one of the largest Lobster processors in Maine, with locations in Portland, Tenants Harbor, South Bristol and Long Island.

We believe the freshest fish is the tastiest fish. That’s why Cozy Harbor Seafood still processes our lobster close to the source. Our state-of-the-art technology traps that freshness in  raw frozen lobster tails and cooked lobster meat so our lobster tastes just as succulent and sweet as they did the day we netted them.

We work in Maine. More importantly our families live in Maine. That’s why we take sustainable fishing seriously. We aim to leave our ocean better than we found it so our children and grandchildren inherit seas teeming with life, including the sweetest, most tender lobster on the planet.

As we’ve grown, we’ve seen some struggle. Cozy Harbor Seafood was created by lobstermen who get it. As part of our pledge to the industry, we supply our lobstermen with bait and gas and we have four landing stations where fishermen can unload. We’ve made bonds with a diverse crowd of fishermen to ensure a reliable supply of seafood to our restaurants, supermarkets and wholesalers in the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe. We have an obligation to our customers to get you the freshest fish caught in a sustainable manner by hard-working people who can make a living fishing here in Maine. We honor that.