Food Service

Cozy Harbor introduces elegant convenience in their “Real Maine Lobster Real Easy” line of frozen lobster products. Quick thaw and easy cook, saves valuable preparation time and space. Precise portion control and easy meat/shell separation, price control programs and year round availability provide the advantage needed to secure lasting business. Cozy Harbor “Real Maine Lobster, Real Easy” Frozen Lobster products are ready to grill, bake or sauté’.

Cozy Harbor’s Maine Lobster is liquid nitrogen frozen, immediately after coming out of the cold Maine waters, which is responsible for preserving the succulent sweet taste and tender meat that Maine lobster is famous for. Cozy Harbor frozen lobster has fresher flavor and texture than most live lobster, which has been out of its natural environment for many days or even weeks.

Responsibly sourced from Maine waters, Cozy Harbor’s Frozen Lobster products provide a significant labor and cost-savings while increasing plate value – and excite a whole new group of consumers and chefs about lobster.

Offered in food service packs, the Frozen Lobster products meet the freshness and quality standards demanded by chefs and food service operators across the country.

For chefs and foodservice operators, Cozy Harbor Frozen Lobster products have added benefit over live product:

  • The portion control is a great way to increase plate value and control plate cost.
  • Its versatility is perfect for a grilled, sautéed, poached, or baked variation.
  • Available year-round with controlled pricing programs available.