Cozy Harbor introduces elegant convenience in their “Real Maine Lobster Real Easy” line of frozen lobster products. The success of this retail line is attributed to its superior taste, ease of use and availability.

The company’s superior processing methods which include computerized steam cooking, less salt and nitrogen cryogenic freezing preserve the succulent sweet taste and tender meat that Maine lobster is famous for without the handling difficulties and potential losses associated with a live, perishable product. The longstanding partnerships the company has forged with Maine fishermen and fishing cooperatives assures responsible harvesting and consistent supply.

While most people are familiar with whole lobster, the “Real Maine Lobster, Real Easy” line is for those who want the delicacy without the fuss. In addition to being a “good buy” when compared to other seafood, frozen lobster products offer the consumers a convenient “no mess, no hassle” alternative to live lobster. Frozen lobster is an affordable luxury for consumers any time of the year. Cozy Harbor’s new frozen lobster Real Maine Lobster, Real Easy range, which includes Split Tails, Lobster Meat, Twin Tails, EZ Peel Tails and Whole Cooked Lobster, takes the mess out of preparation for consumers and expands the options for retailers to enter the profitable market of convenient lobster.

For retailers, this coveted seafood:

  • Excites lobster lovers who are intimidated to prepare lobster at home.
  • Appeals to consumers who aspire to eat healthfully and sustainably.
  • Is available year round with controlled pricing programs available.
  • Appeals to seafood departments looking for a no-shrink product with guaranteed margins.