Working With Us

Our goal is to provide high-quality lobster to tables all over the world. We are committed to operating at the highest level of food safety standards and protecting our resources. We were the first U.S. lobster processor to offer third-party verification to a Global Food Safety Initiative benchmarked audit scheme for all major supply chain components and Trace Register for its traceability system. Cozy Harbor’s frozen lobster products are sourced from a robust and thriving ecosystem. Ours is a healthy fishery with a bountiful future. With record landings in recent years, the Maine Lobster Fishery is a reliable source of high-quality, healthy protein.

In March 2013, the Marine Stewardship Council announced that the Maine Lobster Fishery had achieved the MSC Sustainably Harvested certification. Cozy Harbor’s frozen lobster products are sourced from sustainable fisheries.

The success of Cozy Harbor’s “Real Maine Lobster, Real Easy” frozen lobster product is attributed to its superior taste, ease of use, and availability. In addition, the longstanding partnerships the company has forged with Maine fishermen and fishing cooperatives assure responsible harvesting and consistent supply. The Cozy Harbor Frozen Lobster Tails and Meat get a whole new group of consumers and chefs excited about lobster.

The lobster market in the U.S. has exploded over the last year, with lobster roll trucks and lobster shacks popping up not just in Maine, but throughout the country, as far west as California. Lobster is an affordable luxury for consumers any time of year. Our frozen lobster products take the mess out of preparation and allow foodservice operators and retailers to enter the as-of-yet untapped, affluent market for lobster.